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What is CLIRES-3?

CLIRES-3 is an application based on Razor parsing engine and uses much more flexible and robust architecture then previous versions.

CLIRES-3 is an application to track Clinical Study research subjects and their medication, visits, forms and labs.

CLIRES-3 is very easy to customize to fulfill your clinical trial needs. Create as many study forms, arms, as needed per your study.

HIPPA compliment with subject private information encryption.

Web application is based on Microsoft MVC3  framework Razor  with Entity Framework (EF) 4.0, jQuery 1.6 and C# 4.0

CLIRES-3 Implements design patterns such as Service Locator, Repository, IoC,, Facade and Unit Of Work.

  • System will allow to add/edit any number of forms at any time. 
  • You can configure your form to be added by subject as well as by clinician in one click.
  • Hierarchical questions dependency
  • Question submission validation
  • Many popular fields types (text, select, radio, check boxes, date, text areas)
  • Time zone support for multi-sits screening
  • Full calendar for visits scheduling
  • Subject medication trucking per visit
  • Subject substances trucking between visits
  • Subjects Medication history
  • Copy forward filled forms
  • Visits cancellation and Arm switch for medication (medication phases)
  • Drugs management
  • Dynamic drugs creation and classification (Drug Classes and categories)
  • Dynamically create questioners/survey forms, visits, manage medications, sites, visit schedules and so on.
  • Create mapping between visits and forms required to be filled by subject.

Application is pre loaded with forms for Bipolar disorder study and 2500 related medications. Full administrative functionality HIPPA and CFR part 11 implementation.
Easy to adopt for any other type of clinical study research.
Very similar application is used today (version 2.0) by clinicians at 

Case Western University
Indiana University
Johns Hopkins University
University of Bergen
University of Chicago
University of Iowa
University of Michigan
University of Pennsylvania
Dalhousie University

Login into demo site ( for latest updates.

Complete product futures overview can be found here.

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